3 Factors Used In Determining Eligibility For A Free Government Cell Phone

2 December 2018
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Communication plays a critical role in today's society. Cell phones have made it possible for people to stay in constant contact with one another. If you don't have the money needed to purchase a cell phone, both your personal and professional lives can be affected. The federal government understands that access to a cell phone can make it easier for you to find work, stay in contact with loved ones, and reach out for help in the event of an emergency. Read More 

3 Ways To Get The Strong Wi-Fi Signal You Crave

25 January 2018
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You want to make sure that you have a strong Wi-Fi signal, so you can get the work done that you want to achieve. If a weak Wi-Fi signal is ruining your productivity, there are a few things that you can do to increase your Wi-Fi signal and getting the strength that you need. Update The Firmware On Your Router Routers are just like any other piece of technology. The manufacturers of the routers are always working to make them better and to work out bugs. Read More 

Truck Drivers With Iphone And Bluetooth Problems Need To Get Them Repaired

26 October 2017
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Cell phones and Bluetooth devices are essential parts of a truck driver's arsenal of gear. They help them coordinate delivers and get items where they need to go. Unfortunately, an iPhone and Bluetooth headphones can sometimes have trouble pairing up. Thankfully, it is possible to get them repaired for a relatively inexpensive price. Why Bluetooth Is Essential For Truck Drivers Pairing Bluetooth with an iPhone is an imperative idea for a truck driver due to a FMCSA ruling that restricts their ability to use mobile devices. Read More 

Top Features To Look For In LED Wall Pack Lighting For Your Commercial Building

26 September 2017
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Keeping the exterior of your commercial building well lit does several things for your property, including offering a professional appearance and keeping the property secure. Therefore, choosing the best lighting for the outside of the building is just as important as choosing the right lighting for the inside. LED wall pack lights are an excellent choice because they use very little energy to provide a nice distribution of illumination. The only problem is, finding quality LED wall packs for exterior use can be a challenge because there are so many. Read More 

GFCI’s And Electricians

13 August 2017
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As you walk through your home, or through work you may notice that some of the electrical outlets look a little bit differently. These outlets have a small light and also have a button to reset them. These electrical outlets are called GFCI's, ground fault circuit interrupter, or a GFI, ground fault interrupter. These are a very important part of the electrical makeup of the building. These will shut off the electrical current when the electrical current starts to travel down a path that is not correct. Read More